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7 education blogs you should be reading

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At Gaia Technologies we love to make sure we’re at the forefront of the latest in ed tech news, so here’s a round-up of our favourite education blogs that keep us up to date!

Teacher Toolkit

As one of the most influential education blogs in the UK, Teacher Toolkit is the place to be to read up about all sorts of innovative ideas and advice. From SEMH strategies to the latest DfE news, Teacher Toolkit is a fantastic resource for everyone from teachers to school leaders.

Love Learning

Writing about everything from pedagogy to growth mindsets, Debra is a dedicated teacher, ITL Associate and educational author. There’s a lot of sound advice in this blog, especially for key decision makers in schools.

Stack of Marking

This aptly named blog will resonate with teachers all over the country. Teacher Tom Starkey may be genuinely laugh-out-loud funny, but he offers so many golden nuggets of advice from taking a sabbatical to how to balance your teaching personality. He’s also a brilliant columnist for Teach Secondary Magazine. 

The Confident Teacher

Focusing on teacher welfare and well being, The Confident Teacher is a hub of tips, support and advice. It also covers psychology in the classroom, political debate, metacognition and modelling, as well as leadership skills and student confidence. Founder of the blog Alex recently published a book called The Confident Teacher: Developing Successful Habits of Mind, Body and Pedagogy.

My Lyon’s Maths

It may not be one of the most well known blogs but it certainly is one of the best for secondary school maths. My Lyon is very passionate about maths and posts free worksheets and other such resources for maths teachers all over the UK.

Mr P’s ICT Blog

Augmented reality, VR, educational apps, digital storytelling, e-safety – Mr P’s ICT blog is a true ed tech haven for teachers. He aims to spread his creative ideas to use in conjunction with technology and transform learning.  Mr P also has a great range of ed tech ebooks available

The Whiteboard Blog

Dealing with science and technology in the classroom, The Whiteboard Blog offers all sorts of tech advice for Primary, Secondary and Special Schools. This blog is worth a read, especially if you’re a science of computing teacher.

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