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£75 million funding to be allocated to CPD

Justine Greening MP Image

Education Secretary Justine Greening announced the first round of bidding for the £75 million teaching and leadership innovation fund, designed to focus on providing high quality CPD programmes to schools nationwide and to strengthen qualified teaching status (QTS).

Speaking at the Association of School and College Leaders’ (ASCL) annual conference in Birmingham, Greening discussed how she wanted to normalise flexible working for teachers, as well offering established CPD programmes to schools all over the UK.

Greening stated, “I know that many fantastic teachers leave in the early years of their careers, but with a stronger approach on Qualified Teacher Status we can make it about development from the word go in a teacher’s career: strong CPD has to become the norm.”

She confirmed that the QTS won’t be scrapped but instead will be improved in order to help retain talented teachers. In addition, the new gold-standard National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) will be introduced from September this year. Funding of £10 million will be allocated to helping to develop “high potential professionals working in the most challenging schools.”

Greening explained: “I want there to be a culture of high-quality ongoing professional development running like a golden thread through a teacher’s career, and I want this to be shaped increasingly through access to clearer career pathways for the next generation of teachers and school leaders.”

“The newly strengthened set of gold standard national professional qualifications (NPQs) that will be delivered from September this year are a big step forward. At the heart of these new NPQs will be a focus on evidence and an emphasis on the role of leaders helping their own staff to develop.”

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