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Are you teaching about WW1?

Are you teaching about WW1?

Are you teaching about WW1?  If so Gaia  has a range of resources  that  can support  the topic:


  1. A very simple starting place would be to use the WW1 playlist on You Tube.  This playlist  includes a series of very short animations showing soldiers  in a variety of WW1 related situations. These are great for stimulating discussion about what the soldiers might be saying and how they could be feeling.  You can use them as stimulus for  writing, perhaps letters home about life in the trenches. If you want to embed the clips in your presentation software then you can get an ’embed code’ from You Tube. Underneath the video click  ‘share’ and then in the window that opens up  select ‘Embed’. From the options list turn off the  offer to show  suggested videos  at the end as the videos offered by You Tube are not in our control.  Click ‘copy’  and then paste the  code into your presentation. For example, in  PowerPoint  you can ‘add video‘ using an embed code. Choose the on-line video option.
  2. If you would like to facilitate a complete tour of the WW1 trench  on a  Windows PC then you can download the application for free  at
  3. And coming soon you will be able to experience  the WW1 trench environment in a fully  interactive  virtual reality application  using a VR headset and headphones. We will also be releasing a tablet version of the trench  application.  Updates on how to purchase Gaia’s  new range of VR apps will be posted on this site soon.

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