Author: Bernard Dady

Viewboard from Viewsonic

Many Gaia customers are opting for  Viewsonic ‘s interactive panels . Viewboard’s come with on-board  annotation tools and   software for   PC’s called MyViewboard for Windows.

SMART Learning Suite

If you have purchased SMART interactive panels you  can boost impact on teaching and learning by training up your teachers in use of SMART Learning Suite.

Promethean Interactive Panels

Ensure that   you get the best return  on your investment in Promethean interactive panels  by training  your staff fully in their use and potential as  a powerful teaching and learning resource.

The Wheels on the Bus

This is a rather old project but we have decided to add it to the showcase because it illustrates how you can create  really good learning outcomes using very simple technology , along with a little editing magic from the Gaia Studio.

An Acer Success

Gaia is pleased that one of its customers features in Acer’s success stories feature for May 2019. Gaia has worked with SGS Berkeley Green UTC to equip the new college with state of the art technology. The case study focuses on the UTC’s adoption of the Acer TravelMate Spin B1, with Windows 10 and Office 365. Gaia is both an Acer PlatinumSynergy  Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner. You...


When we are working with primary schools we are often asked, “What shall we go for Office 365 or G-Suite?” The answer is possibly neither. The other alternative is to major on use of a bespoke primary toolkit, such as Just2Easy.

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