Author: Bernard Dady

Gaia Cloud Services Support

Schools, academies and colleges are increasingly using Cloud Services to support both their business functions and curriculum support. At the heart of this lay the two giant Cloud platforms O365 from Microsoft and G-Suite from Google. In the next layer down are a range of specific curriculum services, such as Purple Mash and J2E for primary schools or GCSEPod and Show My Homework for Secondary Sch...

Primary Trainer/Consultant Vacancy

Gaia Technologies PLC is looking to recruit a senior trainer/consultant with educational technology expertise and recent primary school experience, preferably as a senior leader or computing specialist. The appointee will work with Gaia’s Head of Education and associate trainer/consultants to deliver high quality user support to Gaia’s customers. The post is home-based with worek natio...

Education for a Connected World

We have been hard at work drafting an update for the Gaia  Primary   Computing Framework On-Line Safety Section in order to bring the curriculum content in line with Education for a Connected World. This new Framework has been produced by   UKCCIS (UK Council for Child Internet Safety). The Framework is designed to help schools prepare young people for life in a digital society. We will keep you p...

Self-evaluate your ICT journey

I have always thought of improvement in education as being  a journey. Sometimes we move quickly, other times slowly. We stop for rests and  if we take our foot of the gas we can start slipping backwards.  Effective use of ICT  is one key journey that schools  are making. Big questions remain about the  return on our investment in educational technology (EdTech). Are we really making best use of  ...

The Gaia Guide to Using VR in the Classroom

If you are considering use of VR in the classroom then download our free white paper today.

Health and Well Being App Development

In this video teacher Clare  Erasmus talks about the experience of building an app with students, using the Gaia  Health and  Well Being template.

Gaia VR Apps

Our Gaia VR Apps are now on sale via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Priced at £4.99 each these apps are custom built to support the primary and secondary school curriculum.

BETT Awards 2019

Gaia is extremely excited that our Primary Computing Framework has been selected as a BETT Awards 2019 finalist in the   ‘WHOLE SCHOOL AIDS FOR LEARNING TEACHING AND ASSESSMENT’  category. 

Gaia Animates

If you could speak to any person from the past or present, what  would you ask them? Well now you can.  Gaia is pleased to announce the arrival of Animates, our virtual hot seating solution.

App Development Project at Magna Carta School

What if a teacher and group of students decided that they wanted to make a health and well-being app to support their peers? Where would you start?

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