Author: Bernard Dady

Gaia’s 3D Viewer: Teaching GCSE Science

Watch how Gaia’s 3D  software is being used to teach  about the human heart in a GCSE Science

Virtual Reality

Occulus Rift and HTC Vive headseats are delivering a great step up in the quality of virtual reality immersiveness. At the budget end Google Cardboard and  a plethora of  low cost  plastic headsets  are making use of the humble smartphone to  bring VR within reach of the classroom. Here at Gaia Technologies we are experimenting with  translation of our 3D resources  into VR apps for mobile phones....

Are you ready?

2016/17   one more step into the future……… Welcome to the new term and  our new education community site.   Are you ready ? Join us on the journey. Work with Gaia  as we develop our community .  Get ready  for the future………….  

MirandaNet ‘Unconference’ 2016

Gaia Technologies and MirandaNet work in partnership to  deliver  practice-based research projects  and  share the work of teachers  through our mutual networks.  During  2016  we have been working  closely together piloting research methodologies . This includes a major  evaluation of the Gaia Innovate CPD programme  at  Ormiston Maritime Academy and  shorter pieces of action research into suppor...

Ormiston Maritime Academy – Gaia Innovate Programme

In the summer of 2015 the senior leadership team at Ormiston Maritime Academy commissioned a major educational ICT, CPD programme from Gaia Technologies.  The programme evolved to focus on three projects:

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