IMPACT Projects

The Wheels on the Bus

This is a rather old project but we have decided to add it to the showcase because it illustrates how you can create  really good learning outcomes using very simple technology , along with a little editing magic from the Gaia Studio.

Computing projects for primary schools

Gaia launches new computing projects for  primary schools Gaia  has enhanced and expanded  its Primary  Computing Framework for primary schools through addition of  a selection of projects. These have been designed so that pupils can  apply the skills and knowledge  that they  acquired through exciting project-based learning challenges. These include : Stop motion  animation – use the  Gaia monsters to make your first animated film App development – build an app  to promote healthy eating Solve the  traffic light conundrum –  program  the lights using Scratch so that the cars don’t crash! Watch the computing projects video A fourth project  is  in production and this focuses  on web sites. You can find out more about the Gaia Primary Computing Framework  here. The  ...

St Philip Howard Academy – Green Screen Project

July 2016 and the year 6 pupils who will join the Academy in September have arrived for their first experience of lessons at secondary school. Across a number of these lessons they have worked on a project, ‘Our Island’ ,which is designed to culminate in a series of video presentations

Make an Animated Digital Comic

Even students with quite basic drawing skills can create a visually interesting,  animated, digital comic with Gaia’s help.

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