App Development Project at Magna Carta School

What if a teacher and group of students decided that they wanted to make a health and well-being app to support their peers? Where would you start?

Promotional Video Project at Wootton Park

In summer 2018 Wootton Park School,  commissioned Gaia to support with production of promotional video. However, this was a video to be produced by the students!  

Ysgol Hiraddug – Stop Motion Project

In May 2017, Gaia Technologies ran a stop motion animation project with pupils at Ysgol Hiraddug, in Denbighshire. This is one of the multi-disciplinary projects featured in Gaia’s Primary Computing Framework.

The Great Plague: Rugby Free Secondary School

The Rugby Free Secondary School in Warwickshire recently completed a green screen video project on the Great Plague, with its Y7 students.  The school opened in September  2016 and this was the first  creative digital project  supported by Gaia. Two others are scheduled for Summer 2017.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Praises My Teen Mind App

The Rt Hon. Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer and MP, has given the My Teen Mind app his seal of approval. He visited the Magna Carta School in Surrey and was treated to a 20 minute presentation about the mental health and well being measures the school is taking, followed by students demonstrating the app. Student Katharina Wragg decided to send the Chancellor a letter detailing how the school is tackling bullying through their dedicated Wellbeing Zone. She received a lovely reply from the Chancellor commending Magna Carta on setting a great example in the community.   Clare Erasmus, Director of Mental Health and Wellbeing at Magna Carta, commented, “I felt very honoure d! Gaia Tech was, of course, mentioned too as part of the collaborative work. The chancellor seemed...

The Gaia Primary Computing Framework

In  September 2016 Gaia Technologies released the  downloadable  version  of  The Gaia   Primary Computing Framework.   The Framework covers all aspects of the the computing programme of study and provides a clear progression for skills development, Reception to Year 6. The Framework has been written by an experienced primary teacher in a non-technical style  designed to help teachers with planning, resources and assessment.  The Framework can be downloaded here  and is priced at £275 for a site wide user license.

Developing visualisation skills at Ravens Academy

As part of their drive to improve pupils visualisation, staff at Ravens Academy have just completed a two day intensive CPD event to investigate the opportunities presented to them by new technologies. Over the course of the two days, which were hosted by Gaia team members Joe Basketts (Senior Education Technologist), Paris Wharton (Video Production Specialist) and Bob Jones (Senior 3D Artist), school teaching staff attended the following workshops: Using technology to improve learning Effective teaching using 3D resources Green-screen film making An evaluation of a Ravens / Gaia pilot learning project Individual planning workshops The event proved to be extremely useful and popular with staff as the comments received demonstrate: “The best two days of CPD I’ve attended. Really...

Maun Infant School and Nursery start studio project

After a productive meeting held at Maun Infant School and Nursery in New Ollerton, staff are raring to go with their new project based around the painting ‘A Roman Triumph’ by Peter Paul Rubens. The work, featured as part of the National Gallery’s Take One Picture programme is full of tumultuous movement. Lined up in the very foreground of the composition is a moving procession of figures and animals which parade across the picture from right to left. The viewers are made to feel like spectators watching the parade from the roadside. Indeed we are not the only ones watching; other spectators in the middle ground are seated on a raised bank looking and pointing at the parade. All the figures and animals in the foreground give the impression of being in movement with their ...

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