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Win One of 30 Promethean ActivPanels

  Promethean have announced their Promethean Grant scheme which will give away 30 ActivPanels to schools. See below for the details from their recent press release. We’ve got 30 ActivPanels up for grabs, and one could be yours! The interactive display panel is transforming the teaching and learning experience; resulting in more modern classrooms. To get your hands on one, all you have to do is tell us why your classroom deserves one, and the applications that impress our judges the most will win a next generation Promethean ActivPanel. Our judges want to be engaged by your application, so whether your application is submitted as a video, a presentation, a podcast, an art project, a song, or anything else – the more CREATIVE, the better! http://www.prometheangrant.co.uk

Discounted Naace membership for Gaia customers

As the national association for all those interested in the use of technology in education, Naace is a charity which exists to promote effective and appropriate use of technology in schools, colleges and other educational settings. Gaia is a sponsoring partner of Naace and due to our relationship we are able to offer our customers a discount of 10% on Naace memberships. Join Naace today at www.naace.co.uk/join – select your membership type and confirm your selection. Once confirmed, enter the coupon code gaia16/17 to apply a 10% discount to your order. You can choose to pay by card for instant access to Naace and its benefits or you can choose to receive an invoice. What’s new at Naace? Over the last few months Naace has worked very hard on expanding its product range available to me...

Zu3D for just £89 per year for Gaia Customers

At Gaia we have for some time been recommending Zu3D as a complete solution for video editing, green screen movie making and stop motion animation in primary schools. A site licence is now available to Gaia customers for just £89 per year. One of the great things about Zu3D is that it runs on Windows 10 and osX and also on iPads which makes it a very flexible solution. A site licence gives a school unlimited installs across any of their PCs, Macs and iPads meaning that there is no need to worry about how many licences have been used. Even better, if a school subscribes to this offer then this will automatically licence all of their pupils to install Zu3D at home – so they can use the skills they learn in school to continue creating in their own time. Gaia customers can benefit from t...

Exclusive offer from BrainPOP UK to Gaia customers

All registered GAIA customers that subscribe to BrainPOP UK will receive BrainPOP Espanol and BrainPOP Francais free of charge. BrainPOP is one of the leading online video learning sites for primary and secondary schools. Featuring over 750 colourful animated videos across the curriculum, combined with lesson materials, quizzes, educational games and activities it is a rich multimedia toolkit for teachers to illustrate curriculum concepts. Now Gaia customers can benefit from free access to the MFL modules BrainPOP Espanol and BrainPOP Francais free of charge if they subscribe. More details and a free trial are available on BrainPOP’s site at http://www.brainpop.co.uk/blog/learn-about-brainpop-with-gaia-technologies Please contact Joe Basketts or Bernard Dady on cpd@gaia-tech.com if y...

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