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Brighton Hill-Gaia BETT Award 2019

Gaia is very pleased to announce that Brighton Hill Community School won a BETT 2019 Award at this years event. The award was given in the Impact category, which recognises the impact of applied Edtech in a school. The Gaia/Brighton Hill collaboration was focused on adoption of the Gaia well-being app My Teen Mind. In this video lead teacher Clare  Erasmus talks about the experience of building an app with students, using the Gaia  Health and  Well Being template.

Oncology App On Course for Cancer Patients

We’re currently  working on an Oncology App to be used as a tool for people with cancer.  This app will provide general information on cancer including:        Pathology        Diagnosis        Symptoms        Treatment and side effects        Known causes and known prevention        The history of the disease        Surgical solutions        A help and support page with links to establish support networks such as Macmillan. The Oncology App is designed for cancer patients to use a resource to understand their diagnosis and how to find the right kind of help. Make sure you stay updated with our latest projects in the Showcase section. Want to find out more about what we can do for your school or university? Call  01248 675 800 or email

Human Body App Springs to Life

Gaia’s   Anatomy Project is currently in development. Our 3D team is currently developing  an app  that  will demonstrate  the   functionality and layout of the human body.  The app will use highly detailed 3D graphics  to engage learners  with the  science of  human anatomy.

Rivers brought to life for GCSE syllabus

During the training of our 3D Viewer  our lead educationalists were alerted to the need  of geography teachers  for resources that would exemplify the changes  down the long profile of a river.  In effect  to test the Bradshaw Model.  Consequently, our studio artists were commissioned to design new  3D resources  to support the GCSE geography curriculum and aspects of river studies at A-level. We are pleased to announce that the  models  are now available for evaluation, prior to  general release  as assets within the Gaia  3D Viewer.

Animal Cell App in Development in Collaboration with Reading University

Over the last few months, our Studio has been working on co-development of an animal cell app with Reading University. This is part of a 3 year research project to establish if haptics has an impact on education. The project uses our 3D plant and animal cell models in combination with various technologies including   virtual reality, to allow students to explore the detail of cell biology.           Although the animal cell app  is a long way off completion, we have now used these assets to develop an educational app, which provides detailed information on the components of an animal cell before testing the user’s understanding and knowledge with a series of quizzes.  Although still in development, the response from various experts has to date been very positive. S...

World War 1 – Virtual Trench

One exciting and well used  environment in the Gaia 3D Viewer  resource collection is the   WWI trench. This  high quality   resource  provides an opportunity to deliver  exciting immersive lessons as stimulus to learning in history and English. To commemorate the centenary of the start of the First World War, Gaia Technologies  created a 3D interactive trench environment that runs on any PC. This Gaia 3D Trench is available completely free of charge to all schools in the UK. There is also a resource pack which accompanies the trench and is based on the soldiers you meet and the trench environment itself. The aim of the Gaia 3D Trench is to provide an opportunity to use the latest in visualisation technology to facilitate teaching and learning of life in the trenches, following different r...

Gaia App Development – Meet Phil!

Gaia’s studio is proactively engaged with the development of apps with its education partners. One such venture is the Tai-Chi app being co-developed with London South Bank University. Bringing together the potential of tablet apps, augmented reality and exercise has been an adventure that has resulted in Phil, an animated Panda that can instruct users on the gentle movements of Tai-Chi anywhere, anytime. If you would like to work with Gaia on developing use of the app then get in touch with the Gaia studio team and get to meet Phil.

Make an Animated Digital Comic

Even students with quite basic drawing skills can create a visually interesting,  animated, digital comic with Gaia’s help.

A Special Relationship

Explore Gaia’s Special Relationship with Ysgol y Gogarth Ysgol y Gogarth is a day and residential Special School currently catering for approximately 210 pupils between the ages of 3 and 19. The school overlooks the beautiful bay of Llandudno and is within four miles of the A55 expressway.

New 3D Content from Gaia

Are you a user of Gaia’s 3D Viewer? If so you may want to check that you have the latest release . Go to to download the latest version of the software and  our collection of 3D Resources. You will need your licence key to do this. Not an existing customer? Then register for your free trial here. To check your version open the viewer and  go to settings/about  where you will see the release number. This is currently 3.01.1 (September 2016).   To install the Viewer and new content on your 3D PC  download all the parts as instructed. Delete the old installation and then install afresh through the automated process.  Due to the high volume of digital content, this is a big download. We suggest that you  download  to disc and then install well in adv...

Are you ready?

2016/17   one more step into the future……… Welcome to the new term and  our new education community site.   Are you ready ? Join us on the journey. Work with Gaia  as we develop our community .  Get ready  for the future………….  

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