The Gaia Guide to Using VR in the Classroom

If you are considering use of VR in the classroom then download our free white paper today.

Health and Well Being App Development

In this video teacher Clare  Erasmus talks about the experience of building an app with students, using the Gaia  Health and  Well Being template.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is an app within the Office 365. It allows you  to set up communication and collaboration spaces for any team and it providers similar functionality to Google Classroom, when set up to include teacher(s) and students.   If you are a member of multiple teams  then the beauty of the app is that it will bring all of these together in one place. Take a  look at our video overview of features in Teams: You may wish to discuss  with your network manager, O365 administrator or Gaia the potential of synchronising users  between your management information system and O365.  With School Data Sync operational you can auto set up classes in Teams so that teachers do not have to manually add the names of students. Additionally, the groups will stay up to date  as pupils join and leave. Third part...

BBC Sound Effects Library

The BBC has made 16,016 digital sound effects available. The sound effects are BBC copyright but are licensed for personal, educational or research purposes as detailed in the  RemArc Licence. The sounds can all be downloaded from this website  The files are in .wav format. Gaia Technologies provides professional learning and student support to schools. We can help with both video and audio production projects. If you want to inspire the next generation of video makers and audio production specialists then contact Gaia today.

Gaia Augmented Reality

Are you interested in augmented reality?  The Gaia studio team are busy translating our 3D visual content into AR apps for tablets. Your students can see 3D models floating above their desktop or on any other surface using this technology.  We run projects for schools and can create apps for use with most areas of the curriculum. Gaia Creative, our in-house digital creative agency, employs over 30 highly skilled digital creative specialists. This broad pool of talent gives us the ability to offer a variety of specialist services and with the capacity to undertake sizeable contracts. Take a look at our showreel.  

Plotagon – The Innovative App to Create Your Own Animated Videos

We are always on the lookout for software that supports literacy development as this is a key priority for schools. At BETT this year I was introduced to Plotagon. This innovative app is available for  Windows, Mac, Android or iPad and it allows your students to easily create their own animated videos based on the scripts that they write. So it really does bring writing to life! If you would like to evaluate Plotagon then you can download Plotagon Story at no cost (in-app purchases give access to wider content). Plotagon education licenses are available on a per-seat basis. You can access the education version on a 30-day free trial I would certainly commend giving this app a try as it provides a real purpose for the young writer. Would you like help in getting going with Plotagon. Gaia ca...

Going Green (Screen)

As you will have probably guessed from this site, here at Gaia we are big fans of video and green screen technology. In our studio, the video and sound specialists work with high-end cameras and software (Adobe Premiere Pro) to provide an editing service in support of the school projects featured on the Community site. Our customers have been asking about the use of green screen technology as both a medium for students to showcase their learning and also its use to support teachers in making short study and revision videos. Just recently, we ran two workshops for the Leathersellers Federation of Schools on just those themes. I thought it worth just highlighting a perspective on the ideal kit and software solution for schools wishing to complete the whole production process in-house. Clearl...

Microsoft Intune for Education

Microsoft have launched  Intune for  Education.   Intune  facilitates express configuration  of Windows devices. This is how it works: Microsoft Intune for Education   streamlines   set up, control, and management of the resources for your school including apps, devices, and settings. It is part of the overall Microsoft Education  solution  which also includes:   Office 365 for Education  – online apps for work from anywhere and desktop apps for advanced functionality, built for working together and available across devices, and it’s free for schools, teachers, and students School Data Sync to help automate the process for importing and integrating School Information System (SIS) data that you can use with Office 365 OneNote Class Notebook to organize course content, creat...

Microsoft Teams for Education

It’s not even a year since Microsoft launched  Classroom as an app in the Office 365 suite for education and yet by July 31st 2017 it will  be discontinued!  The reason for this is that almost simultaneously  Microsoft launched Teams its chat based work space for business and it has now deemed this to be  a better collaborative platform  for teachers and students to use.  This app will be much easier for teachers and students alike with web, desktop and mobile  versions. Microsoft are integrating  Teams with  MIS data sync  and launching  the product for education.   Microsoft say that using  Teams    will allow you to “quickly and efficiently create classes with automatically populated student rosters from their school information system; share files and teaching material...

Magix Creative Software

Bernard Dady, Head of Education at Gaia reviews an affordable creative software solution from Magix. One of our primary aims here at Gaia is encouraging the use of ICT for creative production. This is a key function of our studio and feature of our project support to schools, academies and colleges. The industry standard software in this field has long been dominated by Adobe, with packages like Photoshop used extensively in the art curriculum and Premiere Pro for video production. However, Adobe has recently shifted purchase of their software to a subscription and Cloud delivery model. In the current financial climate schools have been telling us that the Adobe route, with its annual subscription is proving too expensive. In fairness to Adobe the company has taken steps to mitigate the pr...

Google Takes Geography Virtual

If you teach geography take a look at what Google is up to. A suite of different products are coming together to provide what Google describes as the power to ‘teach beyond the four walls of your classroom’. Visit the Google training centre and look at Unit 7 Here you can learn how to use:  Hangouts to connect to the world Google Maps to take virtual field trips Google Earth  to set up a virtual world The brand new Google Expeditions If you want to get going with Google Expeditions  then find out more here. In particular you may be interested  in signing up your school, academy or college to the Expeditions Pioneer Programme.  Its time to act now. If you would like support from Gaia on introducing the use of G-Suite applications  in geography or  want to learn more about intern...

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