The SWGfL asks ‘Should young people be left to their own devices at school?’

SWGfL are asking ‘Should young people be left to their own devices at school?’ in their latest article by David Wright, the Director of the UK Safer Internet Centre.  David presents data from the SWGfL’s recent annual assessment report, drawn from 14,000 schools, which highlights the management of mobile devices as an inconsistent aspect of Online Safety in Schools.

Microsoft Teams Upgraded

Microsoft O365 provides a suite of productivity applications for business and education customers. At the core are the storage, communication and collaboration tools.  OneDrive uses SharePoint at its back-end and it provides personal storage space for staff and students. In essence, it is replacing the requirement for personal network drives and so can save expenditure on server space. Additionally, it removes the use of pen drives and e-mail for transferring files, providing anywhere, anytime, any device access to personal working documents. You can share and collaborate on files through OneDrive but we would recommend this to be an informal arrangement between peers rather than being a sharing/collaboration tool for departments and classes.   SharePoint is an industrial strength Intranet...

Gaia Cloud Services Support

Schools, academies and colleges are increasingly using Cloud Services to support both their business functions and curriculum support. At the heart of this lay the two giant Cloud platforms O365 from Microsoft and G-Suite from Google. In the next layer down are a range of specific curriculum services, such as Purple Mash and J2E for primary schools or GCSEPod and Show My Homework for Secondary Schools. Overlaying these are Cloud based user interfaces such as that offered by Airhead Education Gaia is proactively helping schools make the journey into use of Cloud Services by: Setting up O365 and G-Suite Automating synchronisation of users and groups between the MIS and the Cloud service Facilitating single-sign on to multiple services Transitioning storage from network to Cloud drives Buildi...

The Gaia Guide to Using VR in the Classroom

If you are considering use of VR in the classroom then download our free white paper today.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is an app within the Office 365. It allows you  to set up communication and collaboration spaces for any team and it providers similar functionality to Google Classroom, when set up to include teacher(s) and students.   If you are a member of multiple teams  then the beauty of the app is that it will bring all of these together in one place. Take a  look at our video overview of features in Teams: You may wish to discuss  with your network manager, O365 administrator or Gaia the potential of synchronising users  between your management information system and O365.  With School Data Sync operational you can auto set up classes in Teams so that teachers do not have to manually add the names of students. Additionally, the groups will stay up to date  as pupils join and leave. Third part...

BBC Sound Effects Library

The BBC has made 16,016 digital sound effects available. The sound effects are BBC copyright but are licensed for personal, educational or research purposes as detailed in the  RemArc Licence. The sounds can all be downloaded from this website  The files are in .wav format. Gaia Technologies provides professional learning and student support to schools. We can help with both video and audio production projects. If you want to inspire the next generation of video makers and audio production specialists then contact Gaia today.

Gaia Augmented Reality

Are you interested in augmented reality?  The Gaia studio team are busy translating our 3D visual content into AR apps for tablets. Your students can see 3D models floating above their desktop or on any other surface using this technology.  We run projects for schools and can create apps for use with most areas of the curriculum. Gaia Creative, our in-house digital creative agency, employs over 30 highly skilled digital creative specialists. This broad pool of talent gives us the ability to offer a variety of specialist services and with the capacity to undertake sizeable contracts. Take a look at our showreel.  

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