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Charles Darwin Primary School visits the solar system!

Charles Darwin Primary School Image

At Charles Darwin Primary School in Norwich, Y1 pupils are learning about the planets – just like many other children across the country. However, headteacher Jo Brown wanted to do things differently, and as their technology provider we were happy to oblige! 

Jo mentioned that she wanted to tell the pupils that a spaceship had crashed into the school, and it wasn’t long before the conversation moved to creating a film mock-up. Enter the Gaia Studio Services team, a few photos taken with a phone, and some imagination and the alien spaceship crash video was born:

“The reaction from pupils was amazing. They totally bought into the story” says Jo. “We had them exploring the school looking for the aliens, and they even found bits of the crashed spaceship around the school, which were old car engine parts that we had put there:”.

As Y1 were working on sentence structure in their English lessons, the decision was made to extend this into their science work. Working with their teacher, Caitlin Peck, each child wrote a sentence about a planet and rehearsed it. Next a quick introduction to the basics of green screen video from Gaia’s Senior Education Technologist, Joe Basketts. Finally every child had a chance to speak their lines in front of the camera – even staff members Caitlin and Sam got in on the act! Following the intensive filming day, the video was edited by Caitlin and the finished product is here to see:

This project was completely planned and delivered by staff at Charles Darwin Primary School, with support from Gaia. This means that they can now push this forward to next year’s project with all the skills, equipment and software that they need to run it year on year.

The reaction from class teacher Caitlin says it all: “The children absolutely loved the video!! We showed it to Reception as well and they were all amazed – they asked to see it again and again. It has been so much fun to work with you on this so thank you! The children and I have learnt so much!”



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