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Doing the Time Warp

Doing the Time Warp

ICT enhanced, project-based  learning at George Mitchell School

The George Mitchell School in  Leyton is a new Gaia customer.   As part of our partnership with GMS  we are supporting with professional  development for teachers and  delivering student engagement activities. 
The first of these was the Time Warp Project , which took place   over three days in September 2017, in the final months of occupying the old buildings.

The project was supported  by Gaia ‘s training  and creative studio personnel, as part of the ICT infrastructure programme associated with the building of the new school. This is scheduled to open for secondary  students in Autumn 2017, before work begins on the primary  buildings. Gaia is also providing an IT managed service for the school  and this will become fully operational in 2018.

The aim of the project was to get students to look at the school in the past and present, before speculating what it might be like in the future.

Here are the activities  and learning outcomes for the multi-disciplinary project:

Day 1: PAST       

Students will script, perform and film a drama scene based on classrooms of the past (e.g. Victorian or early 20th Century).

  • Students will recreate a chosen song (e.g. a school song or anthem) in the instrumentation of the time
  • Students will create photomontages of past/present using Photoshop (using images of classrooms / the building from older times)
  • Students will shoot a short video showing what education used to be like (green screen)


  • Students will storyboard, present and create a short film that acts as a prospectus for George Mitchell School, taking in the new buildings and the opportunities provided by the school.
  • Students will record audio for the film using popular instrumentation and arrangements (using the same school anthem and footage as created in Day 1.


  • Students will undergo a design-thinking project that will require them to design and prototype a school ‘of the future’.  They will then present and pitch their ideas to the Studio Team, who will convert this into a 2D Architectural sketch drawings

Architectural Drawings –  George Mitchell School in the Future

And here are the the future school designs :

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