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Gaia-BT Apple Support Partnership

Gaia-BT Apple Support Partnership

Gaia is very pleased to be working in partnership with BT Business Direct to provide Apple support to our education customers.  BT is an Apple Solution Expert (ASE) and thus accredited by Apple to offer professional learning using Apple Distinguished Educators  (ADEs).  Clients purchasing  Apple devices are entitled to training support above and beyond the Gaia training entitlement. The amount of free training that you can access depends upon the volume of your purchase. For example, purchase of 25 iPads will entitle you to half a days training, whereas a 50 iPad purchase entitles you to a full day. This free training is available for up to 12 months after the date of purchase.

Our trainers are experienced and qualified teachers and educators with additional Apple expertise and we can provide bespoke learning and planning day/s. As well as instructing in all elements to support teachers and their learning outcomes. The aim of Apple Professional Learning is to provide coaching and mentoring for teachers and this can be 1-1, in class, or through sessions (in school) that can run over the course of a day. It is flexible to meet almost every available scenario.  We can also offer cost-free taster sessions for schools that are looking to expand their Apple solution  You might spend time looking at key apps and the ways they can be incorporated into the curriculum or, alternatively, focus on ways to manage the devices more effectively.


If you have not made a recent purchase of equipment through Gaia you can still access  Apple specialist training but this will either be chargeable or deducted from your Gaia CPD budget.

You may also be interested in  BT’s FREE Apple events. The next one is  in Birmingham on November 20th.

Free Apple Event 2018

For school leaders, teachers, IT specialists and support staff

Find out more about the FREE Apple event for schools in Birmingham on November 20th 2018

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