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Gaia CPD – changes to products & services 2017

Gaia CPD – changes to products & services 2017

Gaia CPD  and Training Services will be re-labelling and refining its  products list  for summer 2017.  Changes will follow on our  web site:  , where our  offer to the education sector will be described in full.

In future Gaia Technologies will  structure its services within four broad categories:

  1. Consulting –    education ICT advisory services,  developmental support and  change management programmes
  2. Technology  Training  – courses and events    related to specific products e.g. hardware and software.
  3. Competence Development –  whole school  policy and process development in key areas such as E-Safety, safeguarding, data protection and virtual workspace solutions
  4. Project-based professional learning –  support for applied use of technology as a tool for  teaching and learning in specific curriculum contexts

Our offer extends over the full range of educational institutions from nursery schools to  universities. As before  our customers will be able to purchase these services directly our use the  CPD and  training budget within an existing  installation or managed ICT service contract.

We are also  taking steps to  offer  a blended learning approach , which will  include  face to face,  remote conferencing and e-learning  services.  Gaia is currently developing a new  portal  which will both facilitate  on-line CPD  and  remote  courses/teaching for students without a specialist teacher. These  services will  emerge as we enter  2018.

You will  be able to continue  to access the services of professionals  from the Gaia Creative Studio to support  video production and  visual  learning plus  app, augmented and  virtual reality projects.

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