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Gaia VR Apps

Gaia VR Apps

Our Gaia VR Apps are now on sale via the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Priced at £4.99 each these apps are custom built to support the primary and secondary school curriculum.

WWI Trench  –  This immersive VR environment was designed for use by the department of education to mark the centenary of WW1. It allows the user to traverse an extensive network of trenches from the Allies point of view. The trench is populated with characters fulfilling various roles making up life in the trenches. It encourages the user to explore and interact with information nodes to receive dialogue driven learning outcomes.

Black Death – This immersive VR experience revolves around 14th century London during the Black Death. The user can wander the streets of the city exploring all of the sights and sounds related to the period. From information on the sewage system to visiting an apothecary, the environment encompasses all the relevant teaching points surrounding the source, treatment and outcomes of the plague that spread across Europe.

Tutankhamun’s Tomb –  Experience the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb through the eyes of Howard Carter. Clear the entrance to enter the undiscovered tomb and reveal all the artifacts inside in their precise locations. Carter’s original drawings have been faithfully interpreted to represent the tomb and its content with unerring accuracy. It provides the user with an opportunity to visit a location that is currently off-limits to the general public.

Hospital Hazards – This VR environment is a health and safety exercise in which the user has to explore a hospital ward identifying all the dangers within. This is done on a timed basis to add an element of competition to the activity. The purpose of the exercise is to turn paper-based evaluations into a more engaging activity. The mobile nature of the app allows, for what is normally a lesson confined procedure, to be received anywhere and anytime.

Vindolanda – This VR app allows the user to wander the streets of Vindolanda – a border outpost of the Roman army. The town is populated with characters from the period each with their own dialogue responses. The nature of the environment encourages exploration and discovery based on teacher set challenges.

Coral Reef – Gaia’s colourful coral reef is populated with various species of fish and marine animals. Using transportation nodes, the user is encouraged to move through the VR environment to fully experience this underwater world.

Canterbury Tales – This immersive VR environment surrounds the user with characters from the text of Canterbury Tales. Each character can be triggered to deliver a learning outcome based dialogue and the unique, isolated nature of the delivery enhances the learning process and reinforces teaching points.

Gaia’s immersive VR apps take the Expeditions concept to the next level. Learners can navigate through the different worlds, interact with objects and listen to characters talking about their lives. Each world is beautifully designed and realistically reproduced.

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