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Project Showcase

Gaia’s 3D Viewer: Teaching GCSE Science

3D Viewer

Watch how Gaia’s 3D  software is being used to teach  about the human heart in a GCSE Science  lesson.

Gaia’s  3D Viewer is an innovative software tool that allows students to visualise  objects, models and environments in full 3D. The teacher can  fully control navigation , add labels and  attach other multimedia to the  3D models. The viewer comes with  thousands of 3D assets which have been developed  by the talented Gaia studio team, working alongside teachers. By  considering:

  • what we want to teach  – content,
  • how we should teach and learn  – pedagogy , and
  • how IT can help – technology

we are developing  a huge resource collection  which is shared by all the schools that have the 3D Viewer  software.   You can find out more about Gaia 3D here.

Teachers & ICT

Download Punya Mishra and Matthew J Koeler’s  paper on Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge 

Visit  to find out more.

Gaia Technologies  is using these  principles to build  its  3D  resources by  working alongside teachers: assessing content requirements, discussing pedagogy and advising on appropriate technology. We are applying the same principles to the development of our educational ICT professional development programmes and project-based learning support.

In addition  to using the  excellent 3D models and  immersive environments  supplied by Gaia Technologies, you can also import models from other sources. This makes the viewer ideal for studying  virtual prototypes of students modelling  and allows you to purchase other 3D models and use with the Gaia  software.  You can also import free models from the 3D Warehouse.

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