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GDPR Training from Spongy Elephant

GDPR Training from Spongy Elephant

Working together to Transform EdTech Training

Gaia Technologies is pleased to announce a partnership with Spongy Elephant as we both take steps towards transforming the delivery of training and CPD to schools, academies and colleges.

Spongy Elephant is an awesome new platform for teachers, schools and trusts that uses the power of micro-learning, webinars and gamification to improve skills and knowledge.

The platform is bursting with bitesize videos by expert teachers, demonstrating how to use Edtech in the classroom and more widely in schools. Look out for the Gaia channel, coming in 2018/19.

Special Offer to Gaia Customers

As a special offer for Gaia customers, Spongy Elephant are offering free access to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)  training course. This covers all aspects of the new regulations as they pertain to the education sector.  Essential learning for school leaders and data protection officers in early 2018.

All you have to do to access the full course is download the Gaia voucher and register on the Spongy Elephant site with the code.

Enjoy the course and if you like Spongy Elephant you can subscribe to the school level service to access more subscription content and access the management tools that will allow you to deploy ‘Learning Trunks’ out to your staff and monitor progress with completion.

Complete training before GDPR starts in May 2018.

Use the unlock code GAIAGDPR

You’ll learn about how to ensure you are compliant in your practices and how these fit into the wider school activities around meeting the new regulations. This Learning Trunk introduces key terms and lays out obligations.

Your tutor for this Learning Trunk  is Matthew Johnson  is a Solicitor at    Freeths,  a national solicitors firm with offices all over the UK. Matthew works with schools and trusts all over the UK and is a Data Protection expert.

Access your free training now!

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