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Gene Matching App for the Wales Gene Park – A Case Study

Gene Matching App for the Wales Gene Park – A Case Study

Gene Matching App for the Wales Gene Park.


We were commissioned to evaluate the Gene Park’s current outreach programme; investigating current methods to identify improvement in both the engagement factor of their activities and the learning process through the use of the latest technology.

Gaia Solution:

With the aim of bringing a more dynamic experience to the client’s public interface, the main challenge was to harness the latest technology to deliver content without the need to redesign tried and trusted activities.

The first task was to update presentation content and turn it into an asset that would attract people to their stand at events, as well as perform an important task in the education of the general public. Gaia subsequently produced a video animation using the latest CGI techniques then, to make it more attractive to passing viewers, employed holographic technology to deliver the animation. This acted as a cutting-edge technology display that maintained its role within the educational brief.

This was followed by updating the activities and games currently in use with a technology interface. A good example of this was a gene matching game delivered on a touch screen and accessed directly by the general public. The game allows the player to match genes in pairs, with the choice between ‘easy’ and ‘hard’ levels of activity reflected by the complexity of the of genes represented. The app also allows the administrator to modify the quantity of pairs to be matched and for the times to be stored in a leader board format. This could be reset for each show and brought an element of competition to the activity. Meanwhile, the app’s multi-platform nature means that it can also be run on a variety of devices.

The outcome:

Feedback indicates that the engagement has significantly increased and the project has been extended to cover further aspects of existing content.

“The response to the chromosome matching game has been fantastic. It shows people coming back to the stand again and again to play it and try to improve their score. As an engagement and educational tool we couldn’t have asked for more.”

Angela Burgess, Education & Engagement Project Manager, Wales Gene Park, Institute of Medical Genetics

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