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Going Green (Screen)

As you will have probably guessed from this site, here at Gaia we are big fans of video and green screen technology. In our studio, the video and sound specialists work with high-end cameras and software (Adobe Premiere Pro) to provide an editing service in support of the school projects featured on the Community site. Our customers have been asking about the use of green screen technology as both a medium for students to showcase their learning and also its use to support teachers in making short study and revision videos. Just recently, we ran two workshops for the Leathersellers Federation of Schools on just those themes.

I thought it worth just highlighting a perspective on the ideal kit and software solution for schools wishing to complete the whole production process in-house. Clearly, for students studying media production at GCSE and A-level there is a case for using DLR cameras and Adobe editing software as these are industry standard tools and provide rich functionality and high-quality output. However, for most curriculum or lesson production material we can use the tools that are commonly available and easy to use.


At BETT 2018 we saw an ideal camera solution – Padcaster Ultimate Studio (SRP £999) which turns your iPad into an all-in-one versatile production studio. Featuring a tripod mount for your iPad, microphones, teleprompter and green screen, this kit fits into a backpack to provide a highly mobile solution. We liked its simplicity and quality. This is a great bit of kit with which to start making green screen videos.  Padcaster is available in the UK via Douglas Stewart.

We Video

Once you have shot your video you need an easy to use editor and we are very impressed by WeVideo which is an on-line editor that means you can create your videos on any internet-connected device, including Chromebooks.  The interface is easy to use and the process of producing a green screen video can be learned in minutes. More importantly, for educators, WeVideo provides control for class management, particularly the ability to share clips with your class.

You can get a free account in order to try and learn. It will allow you to create up to 10 minutes of video per month. For schools, you can obtain a 30 free trial with all the functionality you need to test with your class.

Gaia Training and Projects

If you would like support with your first green screen projects then Gaia can help. Our expert education team will work with teacher groups or with a teacher and their class to help you create your first green screen videos.  We will even provide an editing service from our studio if you do not have the time and capacity to do the editing in class.   Get in touch to find out more about our video project support.

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