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Inject Life Into Lessons With Our Virtual Hot-Seating System

Animates logo 1200 x 900

Gaia Animates is a new web-based hot-seating system that allows teachers to communicate and interact with students through a 3D character that is controlled remotely.

Meet Joe!

Animates was inspired from seeing students’ reactions to the use of interactive technologies in classrooms and was developed by the Gaia Studio team who have worked on digital learning projects with over 100 schools in recent years.

Jon Rashid, Head of Gaia Studio explained, “Students and teachers really enjoy role-playing as part of lessons, everyone gets fully involved, and it can be highly effective in embedding and reinforcing learning.  We wanted to make Animates simple-to-use yet creating real excitement in the classroom and we have worked closely with schools to develop and test it.

What teachers have said:

“A truly innovative piece of software for all learners. The evidence is on the children’s faces when they engage with a real-time animation controlled by a trusted adult, allowing us to extend the classroom beyond the walls and ignite the imagination of learners.”

Mrs Nicola Barratt, Teacher of ICT, Lead Practitioner, Perryfields

How does it work?

  • Students talk and interact with our Animates characters
  • Shown on the classroom display screen with webcam, with the teacher operating the character remotely with a control panel on laptop, PC or tablet
  • You lead the dialogue and questioning via a web interface
  • Highly effective in engaging reluctant learners
  • Can be used across the curriculum and support safeguarding
  • Only takes 5 minutes to set up and learn, no training required, use via wifi or 4G

To find out more and buy Animates go to or email

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