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Logic Studio School – ‘A Day in the Life’ Project

Logic Studio Filming Project Image

Year 10 students at Logic Studio School in Hounslow were recently given the opportunity to experience working as creative media professionals when Gaia brought a team of education and media experts to the school for a special 2-day project. 

The students spent the first day learning to use Adobe’s industry standard video production application, Premiere Pro, with Phil Badham (Gaia Education Lead) and David Faulkner (Freelance Video Professional).  They learnt crucial workflows and functions that allowed them to splice together video and audio to create effective video ‘shorts’.  With their new skills and knowledge, students then embarked in groups on tackling the project brief: to create a short video depicting a ‘Day in the Life of a Logic Studio School Student’ within a challenging timeframe.  The project was designed by Logic and Gaia to closely reflect curricular goals and provide the basis for an upcoming video competition.

Gaia’s studio team were on hand to capture and record the progress of the student groups, and also to offer advice and technical support during the filming and production.  Other group members were tasked with capturing the development of the brief using Adobe Spark Video, and to reflect on the process of the project as a whole.   Green screen facilities were available, and students used ipads to film the sequences around the site.  These clips were uploaded to Google Drive ‘on the fly’ and received in real time by the editors in the ICT suites for quick and efficient turnaround.

At the end of the two days, all students gathered together to watch a screening of the final videos, with Gaia’s experts pronouncing the winners from an eclectic range of video outcomes.  Students had responded to the project brief in many exciting and creative ways, and overcome significant obstacles and pitfalls along the way.  Gaia and Logic staff were impressed with the resilience, ingenuity, collaborative harmony and perseverance of many groups over the course of the project.

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  1. Superb. Loved it. Well done all involved.

  2. Very professional, impressed.


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