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Magix Creative Software

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Bernard Dady, Head of Education at Gaia reviews an affordable creative software solution from Magix.

One of our primary aims here at Gaia is encouraging the use of ICT for creative production. This is a key function of our studio and feature of our project support to schools, academies and colleges. The industry standard software in this field has long been dominated by Adobe, with packages like Photoshop used extensively in the art curriculum and Premiere Pro for video production. However, Adobe has recently shifted purchase of their software to a subscription and Cloud delivery model. In the current financial climate schools have been telling us that the Adobe route, with its annual subscription is proving too expensive. In fairness to Adobe the company has taken steps to mitigate the price impact by dropping the minimum number of licences and facilitating device licensing for computer labs. Whilst the Adobe apps are clearly a preferred choice for many teachers, and remain highly commended by Gaia, others are on the look out for a lower cost alternative.

For many years now I have been using software from Magix at home for the very reason that it is more affordable than the Adobe option, yet it offers sufficient power to achieve the required result. I find it easy to learn and intuitive to use.

It gets better. Magix offers schools a bundle of creative software at a very good price and it is certainly worth exploring the option for your school. Alternatively you can purchase the individual products.

Magix Academic Suite MX includes powerful creative tools well suited to use by older primary pupils and secondary aged students. The bundle includes:

Movie Edit Pro: A complete video editing studio,  that will handle green screen work.
Music Maker: A simple to use music editing package with thousands of loops, virtual instruments and capacity to record tracks using a USB connected keyboard.
Xara Web Designer: For ‘ what you  see is what you get’ web site production.
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer: A complete solution for photo editing and graphic design.

You can find out more from the Magix education site and obtain a free trial of the software.

To get a really good deal for your school contact sales@gaia-tech. We can also offer user training to get you going with the software suite or embed use in a supported student engagement project. For details of this service mail



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