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Make an Animated Digital Comic

Make an Animated Digital Comic

Even students with quite basic drawing skills can create a visually interesting,  animated, digital comic with Gaia’s help.

As one of a number of  digital projects Gaia Technologies worked with The Dukeries Academy to  help students tell stories using digital multi-media techniques.  The students  were  engaged with telling their stories through  drawing and filming themselves using green screen techniques.  With the help of Gaia’s studio animators and  video specialists the  classroom output was turned into  these quirky, and somewhat surreal,  video comics.  Evidence we think that technology  can unleash the power of the imagination and  reward  students’ efforts  with  publication of  their products.

Gaia has a long track record of working with the Dukeries Academy  and the  comic book project was one of several collaborations with our studio professionals as this video testifies:


Three Witches bring Shakespeare to life

As Jacqui Ferris, Assistant Principal says, “We are able to develop content that marries much more with the kind of access that students have to media and technology outside of school, so it makes learning much more relevant for them.” That experience is provided through project-based learning; working alongside industry professionals and being focused on collaborative production.

Gaia continues to work productively with the Academy and the company has been proactive in helping to develop its ICT Innovation Room.


Dukeries Innovation Room Design


and for real







In  Summer 2016 Bernard Dady and Joe Basketts , Gaia’s education  specialists, presented to head teachers from the  Dukeries Family of Schools. As a consequence  Maun Infants commissioned their  Roman Triumph Project  and in Autumn 2016 Gaia will begin delivery of a series  of professional development workshops focused on the computing curriculum. As Bernard  summarises, “Innovative change only results from sustained  partnering, at the Dukeries  Academy we are beginning to see the product of the long term relationship between  educators and technology specialists.”

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