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New 3D Content from Gaia

New 3D Content from Gaia

Are you a user of Gaia’s 3D Viewer? If so you may want to check that you have the latest release .

Go to to download the latest version of the software and  our collection of 3D Resources. You will need your licence key to do this.

Not an existing customer? Then register for your free trial here.

To check your version open the viewer and  go to settings/about  where you will see the release number. This is currently 3.01.1 (September 2016).   To install the Viewer and new content on your 3D PC  download all the parts as instructed. Delete the old installation and then install afresh through the automated process.  Due to the high volume of digital content, this is a big download. We suggest that you  download  to disc and then install well in advance of intended use.

Remember to visit  the site and keep your software up to date .

Our latest version contains hundreds of new resources, including a range of exciting immersive environments:

  • Study  the   interactive pond (Biology)
  • Visit the Globe Theatre (English)
  • Take a   rainforest walk with excursion by lift up through the canopy  to the top of the highest tree   (Geography)
  • Swim through  a  coral reef (Geography)


  • Visit a hospital ward (Health & Social)
  • Learn about drugs in the ‘Drugs House’ (Health & Social)
  • Tour Vindolanda with the Romans (History)
  • Explore a Roman House (History)
  • See the Roman Bath House (History)
  • Walk a street in  ancient Rome (History)
  • Tour a Saxon Village  (History)
  • Examine conditions on a slave ship (History)
  • Wander the streets of  a medieval town during the Great Plague  (History)
  • Visit the apothecary as he works  (History)
  • Be alongside the soldiers in a World War I trench (History)
  • Follow Carter into Tutankhamun’s tomb (History)
  • Explore Tiananmen  Square in Bejing  (History)
  • Walk through an early   cotton textile mill  (History)
  • Be on the streets of Britain during the Industrial Revolution (History)
  • Sit in a Victorian classroom  (History)
  • Learn about a bedroom in French (MFL)
  • Learn about a bedroom in Spansish (MFL)
  • Go to the French supermarket (MFL)
  • Explore the solar system (Physics)


  • Explore a Buddhist Temple (R.E.)
  • Walk around a Church  (R.E.)
  • Visit the Blue Mosque (R.E.)
  • Experience a Synagogue (R.E.)

The Gaia 3D Viewer comes with  thousands of 3D models that you can  control: zoom and rotate, add labels and  explore using the teacher control panel. See the latest content list here.

You can also download and  install models to the Gaia3DViewer folder . Try the  3D Warehouse and import models as .kmz or Collada zip files.

Coming soon : How to use Gaia 3D an on-line course.

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