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New Interactive Panels at Springwell Junior School

New Interactive Panels at Springwell Junior School

Springwell Junior School in Hounslow is a member of the Cranford Group of schools, a cluster of primary schools working closely with Cranford Community College.

The Cranford Group is a soft federation of schools that came together to avoid being left behind by the BSF Capital programme. Whilst not part of any formal BSF programme, the Cranford Group recognised the value in this style of managed service and came together to procure a largely revenue based ICT service. Starting as a single Secondary School (Cranford Community College) with four feeder Primary Schools, the project has now grown to now include six Primary/infant Schools and four Secondary Schools.

 Gaia has been working with the Cranford Group since 2010 in a collaborative partnership to create a revenue-based ICT managed service, which has embraced, consolidated and improved the Schools existing ICT facilities. Following this initial phase, we then delivered a series of major upgrades to renew and upgrade each schools infrastructure, AV and user devices.

Springwell Junior School has recently completed its upgrade from Smartboards and projectors to new interactive panels. Here the teachers talk about some of the issues that they experienced with the old technology and the benefits of the new.

The school is, incidentally a member of the Challenge Partners network, an organisation with which Gaia has recently established a sponsor relationship.  The Gaia education team will be presenting a workshop at the  Challenge Partners National Conference on March 7th 2018. We will be presenting a short case study featuring Springwell Junior School and outlining the benefits of schools collaborating with a private sector partner to enhance their IT provision.

If you are ready to discuss an upgrade to your classroom audio-visual systems then get in touch today. We provide independent education technology advice to help you reach the best purchasing decision and we install panels from a wide range of manufacturers including SMART, Promethean and ViewSonic. Gaia is also able to offer high-quality training in SMART Notebook, ActivInspire/Classflow and Oktopus software.

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