On-line Learning

Gaia is pleased to offer  a blended approach  to   professional learning for teachers. We support all  aspects of  educational technology and its use as a tool for teaching and learning.

At present  you can access on-line, on-demand training  materials  from two sources.

  1. Gaia On-line   Courses: we offer a small number of courses related specifically to the Gaia solution.  If you have  a CPD and training entitlement as part of your contract  we can provide access codes   so that you can   follow the courses without further charge. Contact cpd@gaia-tech.com  for   more information.
  2. Subscription to  Spongy Elephant:   Gaia  works in partnership with Spongy Elephant   to facilitate access to   a wide range of   EdTech orientated training materials. Again you can  use your Gaia training entitlement  to purchase your  schools subscription. Find out  more.

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