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Special Offers

On-Line Training Offer

On-Line Training Offer

Special Offer for Gaia Customers

On-line training from our partner Spongy Elephant

If you are an ESFA Capital Project or Managed Service customer you will know that Gaia has committed to support your ICT project with a package of CPD and training.   You might like to try the benefits of on-line training to support use of your educational technology.

We would like to introduce you to our online training platform partner, Spongy Elephant.

A school can provide all of its staff with unlimited access to the platform and you can allocate training modules to groups or all of your staff, with tests to demonstrate their understanding of areas including Office 365, Google G Suite, SMART, Promethean, GDPR and Keeping Children Safe in Education. The platform has over 500 learning bursts, typically 20 minutes long, so staff can complete these in non-teaching periods at school or at home to develop their skills and improve confidence. The learning bursts provide excellent follow-up to face to face training which Gaia may have delivered for you.

Normally, access to this service costs £800   but   Gaia has negotiated a 1st year introductory rate of £549 ex VAT for ESFA capital budget and managed service customers.   Includes a great way of ensuring all your staff have read and understood the mandatory training on Keeping Children Safe In Education. This training is the government’s updated statutory guidance on safeguarding (Part 1) in 14 bite-size chunks (40 mins in total) with video and audio. It outlines what staff should know and do ready for September.


If you already have a training budget with Gaia we will simply deduct the cost from that budget and you will have nothing further to pay. We will process the order immediately and issue you with an access code. You can use this to access the service on the Spongy Elephant web site.

To take advantage of this offer simply order on this page.

Note:  If you are a Gaia Managed Service customer but do not have a training budget you can still take   advantage of this offer. Simply add a purchase order number in the message section and we will invoice you.

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