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Ormiston Maritime Academy – Gaia Innovate Programme

Ormiston Maritime Academy – Gaia Innovate Programme

In the summer of 2015 the senior leadership team at Ormiston Maritime Academy commissioned a major educational ICT, CPD programme from Gaia Technologies.  The programme evolved to focus on three projects:OMA 10

Use of creative   digital media  to support learning across drama,  music , art and design technology

3D visual learning in humanities

Use of iPads in English and science lessons


Each project  involved  training,  curriculum planning and  delivery support from Gaia  as part of an   Innovate CPD package.

The digital media OMA 6 - Hitfilmproject  was the  largest project . It involved teachers across  each subject and tested a project-based learning approach  with the outcome  being a presentation  of student videos  to an audience of parents. The Academy, teachers and students had never  used this technology  on such a scale before and  so the project was underpinned by training in use of Photoshop (creative image editing) and Hitfilm Express (video editing).

Starting with the study of the musical  Blood Brothers  the drama students scripted, story-boarded and  filmed their alternative scenarios  for scenes from the show.  They commissioned digital backgrounds  from students working with Photoshop  and the music department used Garageband  to compose incidental music for the video clips.  Meanwhile the art classes used Photoshop to design the packaging for the DVD inserts.

The whole process was supported  by Gaia.  Our education specialist team  provided  curriculum planning support,  software training and  project mentoring.   We worked alongside students and teachers as the project unfolded between November 2015 and its completion in March 2016.

Before the project started a small group of staff and students visited the Gaia Studio in Bangor, North wales to see our creative professionals at work.

The following video shows how the project came together on  ‘the video  editing day’.

Now you can look at the  students’  very first  green screen  video  scenes.

We  are currently considering how the  approach can be  replicated  through a Roald Dahl  project in 2016-17.  Additionally, the project has acted as a stimulus  for  Ormiston Maritime Academy to offer  BTEC Digital media courses at Key Stage 4. Four year 10 groups were signed up for  the coming year.

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