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Promotional Video Project at Wootton Park

Promotional Video Project at Wootton Park

In summer 2018 Wootton Park School,  commissioned Gaia to support with production of promotional video. However, this was a video to be produced by the students!  

Wootton Park School, is an all-through school which opened in  Northampton, September 2016. It is a customer of Gaia Technologies and we look after the schools ICT infrastructure  .   As part of that service the school has access to training  and learning project support  from the Gaia CPD and Studio teams.

Initial conversations  were held with Bernard Dady, Head of Education at Gaia, in late spring. A plan was created to deploy the  video making skills of the Gaia creative team   in support of teacher,  Joel Cooper, and a  group of gifted and talented  students from Year 8.  The brief for this team was to produce  a professional looking PR video to promote the school, featuring video clips shot by the students.  The learning objective was to educate the students in the process of film-making including: writing the story, writing scripts, producing storyboards, shooting a range of content, experiencing and learning about video editing, presenting the completed work to audience. i-Pads were used   for shooting the video and PCs in the school’s IT suite for editing.

Whilst the  final edit would be completed in the Gaia Studio  we were keen that the content of the video would  be the work of the students and that they would also have experienced the editing process themselves. We thus built in a workshop where the students  would create their own  short videos using the leading  on-line editing  service, WeVideo.

A project plan was drawn up and Gaia’s  expert  creative technology consultant, Phil Badham, was deployed to support Joel with the  process of making the video. We also sent our video production specialists   Paris Wharton (video)  and Carl Richardson (sound) to  help the students  and secure some additional footage.

Project  Plan

      • March 2018 – students create the story, script and  produce storyboards. They shoot video of some specific events
      •  April 18th – Gaia facilitates a video shoot workshop for students , where they learn a range of techniques for shooting quality video clips
      • April 16 to May 4th –  main video shoot by students
      • May 10th – video clip review workshop (supported by Gaia)
      • May     14th – student editing workshop (Mon/Thurs)
      • Late May – video editing and post- production work in Gaia Studio
      • June   1st  – Complete video ready for premiere by June
      • June – Premiere at school open evening

Impact on Learning

From the outset we wanted to evaluate the impact on student learning and so Phil  devised a simple survey which the students completed at the start and end of the project.

At the start of the project the students were asked to rate their video  making skills on a scale of 1-5. Responding to the question   What was your level of knowledge about creating video before you did this project?    the average score for the   12 students was a score of 2. On completion of the project   that score had risen  to an average of 4.

All of the students rated their effort during the project at either 4/5 or 5/5  and  they  scored the quality of their finished videos at a similar level. Here are some of their  observations:

We tried extremely hard, and now having viewed the final pieces, I believe that it will end up almost perfect.  Miah

I felt I had made good development through this and have a well made clip.   Callum

I think the video was successful because we used the software appropriately, the reason I didn’t rate the video a 5 was because aspects could’ve been improved during shooting and preparing the video.   Emily

The training was very good, but of course the video we produced would never be as good quality as the video produced by those who trained us. We have more than sufficient knowledge now of how to make a video using We Video.   Francesca

Overall the students  considered themselves to be  very confident or extremely confident with shooting video at the end of the project. Only one of the twelve students did not feel very confident with the editing process but four felt  that they were now competent enough to help others.

The WeVideo Workshop

Whilst  the Gaia Studio put the  gloss on  the  final promotional video, it was very important to us that the students  worked on editing their own clips so that they understood how a video comes together . We developed basic skills in editing through a workshop using WeVideo. This is the video of that session:

The Wootton Park School Promotional Video

In the end all of the  students work was brought together to create  the promotional video for the school.  This final edit was completed in our Studio  as part of the overall package of support from Gaia. We hope you like it .

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