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Sharepoint Development Service for Schools

Gaia Technologies is pleased to announce its new  consultancy and design service for  education customers who want to get started with SharePoint.

SharePoint is  an app in your Office 365 suite.  It will will enable you to build a virtual work space, consisting of web pages and  on-line libraries. These libraries allow you to shift storage of  files  to the Cloud and  give your staff and students access  anywhere, anytime and on any Internet connected device. One key benefit of using Gaia’s customisation, rather than the ‘out of the box’ version is that Gaia’s adptation makes SharePoint responsive i.e. it will auto resize pages to run on large screens, tablets and phones.

To get you going Gaia is offering  the services of  an educational technologist to help you define your needs and design your  SharePoint site.  You will then have access to the services of a SharePoint developer  who can customise SharePoint  to provide you with a basic  site  that is branded  and  set up to reflect  your desired site structure. SharePoint is a great tool for  creating information pages and shared libraries. Use it to create  the environment through which you share  resources with your staff and students.

You will use SharePoint alongside other apps in the Office 365 suite, especially Microsoft Classroom, which facilitates the deployment of  assignments digitally by the teacher to their class and  in group communication. Additionally SharePoint integrates with the on-line versions of Office so that users can read and edit documents through their browser, without need for Office to be installed on their PC. Great for working on mobile devices such as tablets and phones.

If you are thinking about moving your storage to the Cloud and would like to have a virtual workspace that promotes collaboration and sharing then Gaia can help. Just mail your request for a free initial discussion:

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