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Shelfield Community Academy – Aurora Borealis

Shelfield Community Academy – Aurora Borealis

Mike Murphy Head of Humanities contacted us to say they had a problem. They had a group of gifted children who had been part of a science competition based around the Northern Lights. As a conclusion to their project they had to prepare a 5min presentation to demonstrate learning. The students were not comfortable with public speaking and wished to do their presentation through the medium of a video.

The Gaia Studio team visited the school and delivered a short 1 hour lesson on storyboarding and how to plan out a video of this type. They also discussed what abilities we could enhance their video with. They carried out group discussions to plan out and allocate work with the studio team on hand to answer any technical questions they had.

‘Without doubt the use of this technology deepened the understanding of the students from a science point of view. No time was lost in lessons and it had a lasting effect on their other work as it connected their study with their own lives through digital technology.’

Miss V Jackson, Science Teacher, Shelfield Community Academy.

Over the next few weeks the students filmed themselves both in their innovation room and also; for the less confident; in private wherever they could find a blank wall. All these videos were subsequently put into a dropbox folder with the appropriate storyboard. As you will see from the video the students had to articulate fairly complex descriptions of what they required in the way of effects and timing. It was fairly obvious quite early on that these students knew more about the subject than the studio team and were very demanding as to what they wanted as a final result.

The result was the attached video which demonstrates their knowledge of the subject. The teacher never left the subject matter in hand and the technology used was superficial. However in completing the project on the Aurora Borealis the students picked up digital competency skills in a number of different areas and also enhanced their oracy and literacy skills.

The studio team also provided the students with an outakes version which proved extremely popular on social media.

‘At the conference they were the last to deliver to the audience and were nervous at first. After the screening they were a little overwhelmed by the response as teachers, lecturers and students wanted to know how they did it. The students then took time to explain how we had used green screen.’

Mr Murphy, Digital Learning Lead,Shelfield Community Academy

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