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Project Showcase

St James’s Chocolate Factory Showcased to Amazed Audience

At a packed premiere event, St James’s Catholic Primary School in Twickenham wowed an audience of parents, pupils and governors with the results of their film project based on the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Please pass my thanks on to your team for all their support last night. I feel the evening was a huge success.
Mrs  L Yarnell, Headteacher

Over the preceding weeks Gaia’s Studio Services team, led by video production specialist Paris Wharton, had been liaising with Year 3 pupils to design a number of scenes based on their interpretation of the text. The pupils worked in groups to provide detailed descriptions which were sent to the studio team as official commissions of work. Back at Gaia HQ, the studio team got cracking and produced the graphics, animations and sounds to bring their descriptions to life. The preparation culminated with a filming day at the school where pupils acted out the elements of each scene in front of a green screen. This then enabled the studio team to compile everything together into a comic-style animation. You can see the results here:

The premiere event at the school was held on 23rd February and the reactions from the audience were extremely positive. During the event ICT Leader Orla Murphy and Deputy Head Anna McMullan outlined

Parents, pupils and governors packed out the school hall for the event

the school’s vision for ICT and how the partnership with Gaia Technologies will move this forward.
At the end of the evening the Chair of the PFA, Edel Hindley asked the audience for their reaction to the evening. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive with audience members using terms such as ‘excited’, ‘amazed’, ‘impressed’ and ‘fascinating’.

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