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St Philip Howard Academy – Green Screen Project

St Philip Howard Academy Greenscreen Project

July 2016 and the year 6 pupils who will join the Academy in September have arrived for their first experience of lessons at secondary school. Across a number of these lessons they have worked on a project, ‘Our Island’ ,which is designed to culminate in a series of video presentations, the whole process having been supported by Bernard Dady and Joe Basketts from Gaia’s CPD and training team.

In English the pupils produced story boards and scripts (1 hour).

In geography they produced maps and designed buildings (1 hour).

In art they drew animals and landscapes (1 hour).

Then they all recorded their piece to camera (actually an iPad) in front of the green screen (15 minutes per group).

In Technology they learned about video editing and had a go at editing using Zu3D software (1.5 hours).

All this was done at breakneck speed, Far too short a time to meet our production deadline. However, with a bit of work by Mr Dady and his computer (1 day) here are the videos for you to enjoy……..

Animal Sensation IslandCoconut IslandDark Island

Fantasy IslandFood IslandGood Island

The Fire KingdomThe Land of ConfusionTriple Bay

Island of the Rainbow RaptorsFantastic Island

This project was completed in four days, with an additional editing day, as a CPD and student engagement project. Unlike some other projects showcased on this site it did not involve professional production and editing support from the Gaia Studio. Thus the videos are a bit rough around the edges. However, the pupils have started a journey in understanding how movies are produced and perhaps when they start at the Academy they will have opportunity to work alongside our Studio boys and girls.

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