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The Great Plague: Rugby Free Secondary School

Great plague feature image

The Rugby Free Secondary School in Warwickshire recently completed a green screen video project on the Great Plague, with its Y7 students.  The school opened in September  2016 and this was the first  creative digital project  supported by Gaia. Two others are scheduled for Summer 2017.

This particular project involved collaboration between humanities and English teachers and was based on the idea of ‘time travelling journalists’ reporting  from the past.  This was achieved by transposing  the students into  the  plague town environment created by Gaia’s  artists and included as an immersive historical environment with Gaia’s 3D Viewer.

Prior to historical research, scripting and production, Bernard Dady, Head of Education at Gaia Technologies, delivered training  in use of  the 3D Viewer, using the Plague environment as the foundation. The teachers then took students on a tour in the 3D environment.  They speculated on what might have happened here using visual evidence and their prior learning. They did some more research. From here, the students took part in basic  scripting and storyboarding, using the environment as the bedrock.  When the best scripts for each reporting location  were completed, they were sent to Gaia for troubleshooting before a shooting date was scheduled. This was supported by Gaia’s specialist video  professionals.

The entire project was filmed in a half day and edited by  Gaia  in two days.  The video was presented to staff as part of wider INSET day focused on use of 3D visual learning and planning of new ICT enhanced cross-curricular projects. The school also held a special premier at the new year assembly.

To see how your school can start your very own project please get in touch with us at or call 01248 675 800

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