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Thermodynamics Teaching App for Cardiff University – A Case Study

Thermodynamics Teaching App for Cardiff University – A Case Study

Thermodynamics Teaching App for Cardiff University


To enable lecturers in the University’s Biomechanical Department to bring their teaching materials in line with current technology.

Covering the subject matter of Thermodynamics and Fluid dynamics the task was to form a cohesive and branded scheme of work to support lecture delivery.

The Gaia Solution:

Following consultation with university staff, including course lecturers, it became evident that not only should the solution help facilitate the delivery of course content, but that that it should be harnessed to bring lessons alive through interactive technology. It should also provide for standardised delivery and promotion of the Cardiff University brand.

With this in mind, Gaia evaluated potential solutions and came up with the idea of delivering lectures through app content. This would enable the lecture notes to be dynamic and interactive as well as giving students the ability to download the same notes to their own devices. The apps would be streamed from mobile devices to lecture hall AV systems, allowing the lecture to be run from a tablet.

The next stage saw members of the Gaia team sit in on a full lecture to experience the process from both sides of the content. This highlighted the need for certain elements of the content to be dynamic and allow data to be entered when necessary to help articulate a point. This extended to cover all models and graphs within the content and, in order to facilitate teaching, these elements all needed to be interactive and flexible enough to expand on the concepts portrayed.

The content of the Thermodynamics modulesis now completed and delivered. The Fluid dynamics modules are due to be developed in the next few months and will be published ready for the start of the new academic year.

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