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Young people’s experiences of sexting

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A report has been released by the EU funded SPIRTO Project which shares key findings, including the outcome of interviews they conducted with young people about sexting (generating and sharing sexual content). The study was carried out in Sweden, Germany and the UK and revealed the following:

  • The main reasons stated for producing and sending images were
    • fun, flirting and meeting new people;
    • exploring sexuality
    • seeking affirmation
    • social acceptance
    • part of a romantic or sexual relationship
    • and being asked or coerced.
  • Youths commonly described a combination of factors, with images created in a range of contexts.
  • Experiences ranged from online grooming, where children were pressured to produce images, to the creation and sending of images within a caring relationship.
  • Most participants carefully considered whether or not to send a nude image and took steps to reduce risks (e.g., hiding identifying features or asking the other person to send an image first)

You can read more in in the project summary here.

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